Xtensor hand exerciser for gamers

The Xtensor is a weird workout glove designed to get your hands in shape for the big game on whatever console you choose. So, if you suck at playing video games, consider this your new personal trainer. It will condition your hands for maximum controller efficiency. Might even improve your action with rosy palm too, but I wouldn’t count on either.

What’s that? You also don’t believe this glove-like device can do anything for you, aside from making you look like an idiot? Check out the blurb below and see if that convinces you.

The Xtensor is the only product on the market to perform with true biomechanical correctness, able to stimulate muscles and tendons in the hands, wrists and elbows that have been virtually off limits to all other devices. Repetitive gripping and squeezing of your game-controller or mouse forces extended isometric contractions of the flexor muscles of the hands and fingers producing an unnatural imbalance over time as the hands operate in a mostly closed position. For this reason, patients with hand, wrist and elbow disorders experience unnecessarily long healing times and high reoccurrence rates.

It also claims to cure tennis elbow and arthritis pain. All for $39.99.


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