PSP sales up 300% post PSP Go launch

know I admit that I wasn’t sure what to think of the PSP Go when I first heard about it. I have a few UMD games around and the thought of not being able to play them because of UMD not being part of the Go irked me. I guess that didn’t bother many buyers because in the days since the Go went official sales have gone up 300% according to Sony.
In addition to hardware sales climbing 300% since launch, sales of download games on the PlayStation Store have also climbed 200%. That means that gamers are actually buying games for the Go. The increase in sale isn’t in the U.S. only either.

In the UK sales of PSPs have gone up 120% since the launch of the console. I am sure that the fact that many large retailers in the UK have slashed the price of the Go already sales will be robust still.


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